Shameless Self-Promotion

Shameless Self Promotion

Shameless Self-Promotion

I’m taking a break from writing my book to engage in a bit of shameless self-promotion. As a salesperson, showcasing my own services is part of the craft. So, without further ado, here it goes…


I’ve been a top-selling agent in the Fraser Valley for nearly two decades, outselling 90% of my peers over the last ten years. My early career was marked by being the runner-up for Rookie of the Year through the FVREB. I’ve also ranked in the top 1% for one year, top 2% for two years, and top 5% for five years.


Beyond selling real estate, I’ve completed a BBA in Entrepreneurial Leadership on a full scholarship due to my academic performance, aced the CCIM curriculum with an average grade of 90%, and earned my managing broker’s license. Currently, I’m pursuing an MBA in business development and change management at Carleton University, one of Canada’s premier institutions. I’m also working towards my Train the Trainer certificate through VCC, am a proud member of BCREA’s Legal Defense Committee, and aspire to be a future trainer for the BCREA. Additionally, I’ve ventured into authorship, penning a book on excellence in brokerage operations.


My sales strategy is unconventional; I’m not your billboard or bus bench realtor, nor a fixture at chamber meetings. Yet, my client list is robust, filled through targeted marketing and word-of-mouth, allowing me to remain at the top of my field.


Detailing my education and experience hardly captures the essence of who I am or highlights my greatest skill: making people money. My approach is unique—I ruminate over problems, solicit complaints, and can spend days, weeks or even months pondering complex issues until I devise a creative solution. I thrive on turning strategic weaknesses into core competencies. At heart, I am a creative, a writer, and a problem solver.


Business development, to me, is not about legacy building, it’s more a process of solving puzzles. It’s a creative rather than a managerial task, requiring market analysis, creative thinking, and innovation to transform pain points into opportunities.


It involves extensive time, thought, and research. By meeting with stakeholders and uncovering unarticulated needs, I look for ways to deliver sustainable, affordable, and unique solutions that create competitive advantages. In particular I’m looking to solve common pain points with innovative solutions. If you want a client for life, then solve a problem they don’t know they have with a solution they didn’t know existed. Even better, do it in a way that makes it impossible for the competition to copy.


A significant part of business development is crafting compelling sales pitches—an area where I excel. Writing is not just a hobby but a passion. Crafting literature that inspires action is, for me, the highest form of art and it’s also what I’d on a Sunday for free.


Demographic and market analysis stands at the core of business development. My BBA focused on business information analysis, which led me to the CCIM and its emphasis on demographic analysis. This knowledge allows me to assess various factors to determine market viability for business expansions or developments. In this realm, I’m capable of determining the demand in a market based on key market indicators such as population growth, personality segments and local area competition.


In the realm of marketing, I’ve gained hands-on experience building WordPress websites from scratch, analyzing social media ad results, working with Google AdWords, and designing campaigns that resonate with target demographics.


My BBA specialized in leadership and planning for service-based organizations. Managing people is an acquired skill, not merely an innate one. I’ve learned that effective management requires a structured approach to compensation, staff placement, and overall management. I’ve honed this skill through extensive education and experience running my own staff in my real estate practice. One does not sell as much volume as I have without the assistance of effective and loyal staff.


Property valuation is another forte of mine. From 10-acre sites to condos in Langley, I’ve valued it all, thanks to comprehensive education and 20 years of experience. This expertise, combined with my knowledge in financial analysis of properties and accounting, positions me as a leading authority in valuation. Whether it’s a condo in Langley, an income property or a piece of development property, I can determine it’s value.


While I am proficient in full-cycle accounting—capable of transforming a box of receipts into comprehensive financial statements—I wouldn’t call this the skill I’m most excited about. I’m knowledgeable in the areas of real estate compliance and accounting, but not suited for roles confined to accounting or compliance departments. My skills, passion, and expertise lie in much broader, more strategic areas.

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