You are going to Fail

You are going to Fail

but you should try anyways and here’s why

If you try anything new, scary or different then it’s entirely possible, if not likely, that you’ll fail. You may even fail miserably, awfully and tragically publicly. In spike of this, you should try anyways! 
It is better to try and fail than to win the first time…. Let me explain.
Failure Provides Meaningful Feedback
If you try something new with an idea in mind that success only occurs if a narrowly set of defined results occur, then you will fail over and over in your life. Failure will permeate your life like an inescapable fog on a cold winter morning. This is because narrowly defined targets are impossible to hit. It’s like trying to get a bullseye every time you play darts. The failure becomes miserable and inescapable. 
Instead approach things with a more broad definition of success. Approach new ventures with the idea that success means gathering the information necessary to eventually be successful. Approach it with a learning mindset and allow failures to provide valuable feedback that you use to adjust your plans. 
I exist in a perpetual state of learning. This means that I must be open to failure and put myself out there. I often screw things up on first round, I make big attempts to do new things in areas I’m not experienced in and often out of my depth. When I do this, I get kicked out rooms, get told off and if I’m lucky politely dismissed. But I learn, I make observations and I get the unhinged privedgle of seeing the world slightly differently.  I don’t think of success in a linear fashion. I see success as the ability to obtain meaningful feedback that I can work with to improve myself, my community and my service offerings in the future. Instead of trying to achieve narrowly defined results, I walk a never-ending journey towards development, with the goal of excellence and the understanding that I may never get there. I take time to enjoy the journey and marvel at the experiences along the way. 
Why Easy Wins are Bad
Ever started a project and magically succeeded the first time? Happen to notice that it’s hard to replicate the results? This is the problem with easy wins. 
I recall taking a class in college where the point was to learn how to sell fake cameras online using SEO. It was a competition two rounds, each ending with clear winners and losers. In the first round I came in dead last and I wasn’t even close to the next runner up. It was a miserable defeat, but I’m resilient. I spent hours and hours learning about SEO, practicing in my own time and for the next round I came in third. Practically every student who won the first round, came in last in the final round and us losers overtook them. The loss motivated us to learn, it caused us to study, to learn the rules of the game and how to play it well. The first round winners weren’t given the same opportunity. They were given an easy win, with no explanation and little motivation for improvement. When faced with replicating the results, they couldn’t. 
Let go of What People Think
Failure brings shame and humiliation, that’s inescapable. People make comments and those remarks, hurt. We all feel a strong pull towards hiding away from this. But the alternative is never trying, and hiding away in some dark corner, never contributing that which we have to offer. You will succeed in avoiding criticism but you will out on so much more. You will miss out on all of the possibilities available to you such as growth, acceptance, contribution and more.
I may get kicked out of rooms and often I don’t fit in and I admit that it doesn’t always feel good. But not trying just to avoid failure is never worse than never trying. It would mean resigning myself to a life without possibility, growth creation and experience. That would be a hell of my own creation that I can’t escape.
Failure brings growth and learning. Each time I try and don’t success I discover boundaries, rules for life and develop new skills. So I’ll be out there in the world taking on new challenges, gloriously trying, often failing and occasionally succeeding. A good example of this, is the Dragon Boat race I will be paddling in this weekend. In spite of the fact that I’ve never rowed, have no experience or type of aptitude that should draw me to this sport I have joined a competitive team of expert rowers and will be attending my first-ever competition. This also happens to be BC’s largest Dragon Boating competition. Every part of this experience is unreasonable for me and I’m going to do it anyways. I’m confident I’ll injure myself, unsure if I’ll win and terrified. 
Trying is the first step towards failure but failure is the first step towards success. 
So I am going to try, and I will fail and it’s okay.

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