Investment Property Profile

Investor Profile

Investment Profile

In Central Surrey you can purchase a 1 bedroom, skytrain accessible condo in a high rise that completes in 2027 – 2028 for $480,000 – $500,000 with 10-15% down. In today’s market the condo will rent for $1,850 and with 5.5% annual rent inflation, the condo will rent for $2,300 by 2027. With 20% down, the condo will break even on rent. If properties in the area appreciate at a rate of 5.5% per year then the projected profit on closing for this property is $120,000. Meaning that you can purchase the property and resell it as soon as it completes for a profit, or you can hold it and rent it out for even bigger profits.

The District Northwest is offering 1 bedroom condos starting at $488,000 with 5% down now and 5% due in 12 months. The condos complete in 2027 and are located just steps from the strain and a park, making them highly rentable.

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