Effective Email Messaging

Effective Email Messaging

For many realtors, the majority of their interactions with a real estate brokerage occur through emails, particularly with the conveyance department. However, this is often an area where typical brokerages overlook refinement. Emotions are particularly challenging to convey accurately via email, and research suggests that email senders communicate emotions to recipients, intentionally or not (Byron, 2008). An email might be offensive to the receiver if it lacks pleasantries or other social conventions that serve as verbal markers of the sender’s social presence (Sillars & Zorn, 2021). The failure to accurately communicate emotion, particularly positive emotions, may inhibit relationships between coworkers, employees, and their clients or customers (Byron, 2009).

This presents a strategic opportunity for excellence by providing training to conveyance staff to communicate meaningfully with the agents they are working with.

When an agent submits a listing or sale, they often feel proud and excited about the work they have performed and the contribution they have made to their clients’ well-being, their own household, and the brokerage operations. This is a good time to congratulate the agent on a job well done. Conversely, when an agent experiences a deal falling apart or a listing cancellation, they may feel disappointed and ashamed. This is a good time to express empathy and care. For example, if an agent cancels a listing after spending 6 months trying to sell a property, it’s likely that person has invested significant time, money, and energy into marketing the property without success. This can be a humiliating experience, compounded by the fact that the agent feels guilty for the work they have made the brokerage perform without compensation. In situations like this, small gestures are incredibly meaningful. Instead of responding with a simple “message received” to listing termination paperwork, consider a response like this:

Thank you for submitting the listing cancellation. We are sorry to see that your listing has been canceled, but we appreciate the effort you put into trying to sell the home. We understand that you did everything possible, and we commend your effort.

With appreciation.

I know it seems like a small gesture, but a few extra sentences can really soften the blow on a bad day:

An easy win in this regard is to have agents use ChatGPT to enhance their communication by simply asking it to edit messages to sound more uplifting. Simple gestures, like a conveyance officer congratulating an agent on a successful sale or expressing empathy during a challenging deal, can transform what might have been a much-dreaded communication into a message an agent looks forward to hearing. This can go a long way towards keeping your agents engaged with the brokerage.

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