Agent Amenities

Agent Amenities

Agent Amenities

Real estate brokerages often resemble co-working spaces as the agents lease their offices from the brokerage acting more as tenants than employees. Like co-working spaces, brokerages must offer attractive amenities to entice agents. In the recruitment chapter, we explored immersive meeting rooms. Now, let’s delve into a few more low-cost ideas to attract and retain agents while making use of unused space.

Social Media Recording Room

Agent videos have become increasingly popular, and agents need a quality space to record them. Creating a designated area for recording videos requires only a small windowless room, decent recording equipment, a couple of attractive chairs, and proper lighting. You can even include a projector that allows individuals to display the desired background in their videos.

Garden Space

If your brokerage has unused garden space or an unused concrete pad, consider creating a community garden that staff and agents can utilize. Not only does this enhance the brokerage’s appeal, but it also beautifies the space and saves money on gardening costs.

Outdoor Work Areas

Setting up a small outdoor workspace in a sunny area provides your staff with the opportunity to work outside on pleasant days. Ensure there are designated workspaces with access to electrical outlets for electronic devices.


While most brokerages have bullpens, people tend not to use communal spaces unless they feel at home. Allowing agents to store supplies on-site enables them to keep personal items nearby, helping them feel more comfortable and settled in the workspace. This can be done with lockers or shelves with small baskets.

Bar or Coffee Shop

Locating near a bar or coffee shop is advantageous, as it provides agents with a convenient place to grab food and snacks. Collaborating with local establishments to cater food periodically is an excellent idea. This allows the establishments to provide samples to agents and staff, attracting new business while fostering a lively and social atmosphere.

Bike Storage

In major metropolitan areas, many individuals prefer biking to work occasionally. Offering secure internal bike racks prevents theft and protects bikes from weather damage.

Creating appealing amenities for agents can significantly enhance a brokerage’s attractiveness. By repurposing unused space and implementing low-cost amenities like recording rooms, garden spaces, outdoor work areas, lockers, nearby food options, and bike storage, brokerages can foster a welcoming and productive environment for their agents. These amenities not only improve agent satisfaction but also contribute to a vibrant and dynamic workplace culture, ultimately benefiting the brokerage’s success in the competitive real estate market.

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