I work well with realtors!

I heart realtors 

Did you know that most of my friends are realtors? It’s been that way since I was licensed in 2006. All of the sudden realtors are everywhere in my life, at work, at my baby showers, talking to me during long drives on a bad day. They are in my life with their funny and ridiculous moves while laughing and my “out there” ideas. 

No don’t get me wrong I am really excited about my regular friends too (you know who you are). But I also love my realtor’s posse. I like how they are always working a side angle and always trying to talk me into something stupid. If I’ve got to do something embarrassing or ridiculous, it’s always with one of them by my side. 

But more than that we get together and talk business. We compare notes, share new ways of doing things, and give each other much-needed guidance through challenging situations. With every meeting and lunch or coffee, I become better at my craft because of them and the valuable advice they share. 

Some of the time we are fierce competitors, actively battling against each other. Other times we work collaboratively to solve challenging situations. All of the time we are friends and professionals. When we all get along, we make each other better for you, the client. 

So on days like today when I’m having lunch with Karen Ralph or yesterday’s coffee with Tana McNichol, I’m out with friends having fun, but I’m also becoming a better version of myself for you.

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Liz Penner is a top-selling licensed real estate salesperson with the Fraser

Valley Real Estate Board and has been a top-selling realtor specializing in the residential resale of condos, townhomes, and houses for over a decade. Liz assists residents of the Langley and Surrey areas to sell real estate while looking out for the client’s best interests. Liz also helps first-time homebuyers, families, and repeat purchasers with their property search process, ensuring that her clients get access to the very best homes on the market while receiving excellent service ensuring that they find the perfect place to call home.

Liz holds a BBA in leadership and has completed a variety of specific training through the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board in the areas of selling strata properties, foreclosures, estate sales, and new construction properties. Liz is also well versed in POAs, the Strata Property Act, and more.

If you are looking for a knowledgeable and professional real estate agent that is willing to do everything possible to ensure that you get top dollar for the sale of your home or to find the dream home you are looking for in the Surrey and Langley, BC areas then get in contact today.


  • I’ve helped sell over 400 properties throughout the Langley and Cloverdale area, and I’d love the opportunity to do the same for you.
  • I’ve experienced straightforward sales and sales that have gone off the rails, back on the rails, off the rails, and then back on again. That’s just the way the real estate train rolls, and it never rattles me.
  • I’ve got a solid toolkit to pull from when a problem arises. I take my job seriously each time, and I will make sure you get top dollar for your Fraser Valley, Langley, or Cloverdale home, smooth sailing, or otherwise.