On Choosing People

I will not prove you wrong, but if you allow me, I’ll prove you right.

Life can be likened to a series of races with multiple finish lines. Some of these races result in victory, many end in ties, while many conclude with losses. Winning a race on your best day may seem straightforward when you’re in perfect health and equipped with all the necessary knowledge. Conversely, losing the same race on a bad day, lacking vital information, is equally effortless. Therefore, it’s essential to be mindful of who stands at these metaphorical finish lines.

Each day, we all engage in many races, replete with victories and setbacks. The individuals stationed at our finish lines significantly influence our experiences. There was a time when my finish lines were crowded with people tallying my losses. These accumulated defeats cast a shadow on my confidence to the point where I couldn’t even recognize my wins anymore. All my audience seemed interested in was dwelling on my losses

However, when someone anticipates your success, they choose to observe the races you can win. They position themselves at your finish line, celebrating your achievements and reaffirming their faith in your abilities. They offer encouragement when you encounter losses, emphasizing that it’s just one race and that you’ll perform better next time.

The crucial distinction lies in the mindset of the individual: the one who believes in your triumph is genuinely invested in your success and is there to support you wholeheartedly. They stand on the sidelines, cheering and offering assistance.

On the other hand, someone who anticipates your defeat may inadvertently hinder your progress, driven by their desire to be proven right. Once they’ve predetermined your failure, they closely watch the races you lose, broadcasting their conviction that you were destined to fail with no hope of improvement. In some cases, they might even attempt to subtly push you towards failure, succumbing to the temptation of confirming their own beliefs.

When selecting your companions and surroundings, the priority should be to seek out those who see the best in you. If you choose those who see the best in you, you will see the best in yourself, and it will become a part of who you are. Look for those who have faith in your ability to conquer the little races and will cheer you on. Choose to validate their trust by excelling. In turn, extend your support to them by standing by their side. In their presence, you can lower your guard, knowing that they will continue to believe in you even in moments of failure.

As for those who expect your failure, I hold no animosity. I wish you well, but you’re not invited to my races.

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