Home Buying Considerations | Choosing the Best Langley & Surrey Properties

Looking for a House in Langley, Surrey, or Fraser Valley?

Buying a house is kind of a big deal.

Trust me. I get it.

It’s likely one of the most significant purchases of your life, if not the biggest one. And that’s scary. I always recommend that my home buyers around the Fraser Valley Area take their time to figure out what their dream home wish list entails. That’s something only you can decide. I want you to buy what you want, not what I want, not what you crazy Aunt Martha thinks you should buy, not what Joe at the office has recommended.

Ready to find a house that YOU want?

Let’s get “listing” (See what I did there?).

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How much can you afford to spend on a home? Have you factored in property taxes, home insurance and utilities in the BC area?

Transportation options

Have you checked out the areas in Langley or Surrey area that would fit your needs? How important to you is having convenient transportation close by? Do you need it for work? How close would you like the nearest freeway or highway to be?


Have you checked out the Langley & Surrey Schools? Do you want to be central to the business district? What about neighbourhood stores, hospitals, clinics, medical and dental centres? Or, do you really want to have a library, community center, or recreational facilities that you can walk to?
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Do you have a preference for electrical or gas heating? Do you want the power lines to be underground or exposed? Do you only want city water? Would you consider having a septic system?

Strata Held Properties

Fraser Valley Condos and Townhomes: Do you have a preference for management styles? Do you need a strata that allows for a certain number of occupants or pets, which offers specific amenities (storage lockers, two parking stalls), or will let you alter your unit’s appearance?

Need Trusted Advice from a Top-Selling Realtor?

Liz Penner is here to answer all your home buying considerations and questions. If a trusted certified realtor is what you need, call me at 604-376-3350 or  fill out the form below. We’d be more than happy to get you started on your home buying journey.